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Emergency telephones every 2 km apart are installed at 32 locations for quick access to assistance, day and night. The phones run on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), providing clear hands-free communications in noise environments up to 105dbA. This free service connects stranded motorists to the E22 Traffic Control Centre located at km22 of the E22. The E22 Traffic Control Centre links our E22 Safety Team to the motorists in need. The E22 Safety Teams are on duty 24hours to provide minor assistance and traffic management to our expressway users.

The Traffic Control Centre in the Operation Complex will link 19nos of CCTV, 69nos of Emergency Telephone System (ETS), 8nos of Vehicle Detection System (VDS) and 7nos Variable Message Signboards (VMS) to monitor traffic along the E22 24hrs, day and night, ensuring safety and smooth journey for travelers.

A typical set of ET roadside equipment is as shown below:

phone_side_view.jpg phone_front_view.jpg phone_back_view.jpg
Side View
Front View
Back View

  Figure 2: Emergency Telephone Cabinet and Panel

The ET and ET Centre Software run on VOIP and shall be connected to the Centre Software via Ethernet over the SDE fiber optic backbone.